5 cross-media reads

5 interesting reads about cross-media

After reading cross-media: yay or nay, you thought yay and wanted to learn more, here are 5 great articles to you get started.

[header_line]1. 5 quick tips to build cross-media campaigns like an expert[/header_line]

A 21 minute video taken at Dscoop6 conference in Orlando, Florida with the team at Mindfire emphasizing 5 tips to get you cross-media-ing like an expert.


[header_line]2. Become a cross-media master[/header_line]

What must you always remember when developing a campaign? Mohawk Paper‘s article reminds you.


[header_line]3. Integrate direct mail and social media for maximum impact[/header_line]

What can you link together? What about social media? Maggie Young from B&B gives us some examples we can integrate direct mail with social media.


[header_line]4. Mobile advertising adds value to cross-media campaigns[/header_line]

The Guardian learnt that mobile advertising worked best in cross-media campaigns, especially for big ticket items. See why you should incorporate mobile into your campagin.


[header_line]5. 10 Common Mistakes when creating a Cross Media Campaign[/header_line]

After you’re finished with your campaign and wonder if everything is in place, David Baldaro will let you know if you have made any mistakes.