3 PrintShop Mail how-to’s

For those who have yet to come face-to-face with its full capabilities, let me tell you, PrintShop Mail is a personalization machine. So much of a beast that, though some of our customers have been using it for years, they’re still discovering new things they want to do with their toolkit.

Here are 3 questions asked by our clients through our live chat box which demonstrate how PrintShop Mail allows them to use variables to personalize the “ink” out of any documents.

Question 1

When numbering, can you duplicate the number? And if so, how can I do this when numbering, can you set the expression to do duplicate numbers?

You can achieve duplicate numbers by reducing the step size of your counter and eliminating the numbers after the comma;


will take steps of 1/2. Combining it with the INT function, will make it appear as a repeat of each number twice.


Question 2

Are there any plug-ins or scripting tools that will work with PrintShop Mail to create variable chart/graph? My immediate need is to create two variable length horizontal bars. One bar representing an individuals energy usage, the other bar representing typical usage for the area.

By using a variable, and a font that allows building a bar, will allow you to achieve variable bars inside a text box. This should not be too difficult.

See this template for a basic sample using Character 103 of Webdings. The bar will grow with the record number (up to 10). See the expression for how it was done.

Question 3

We are trying to build a double-sided letter using variable text and images on the front and reverse side. There are 8 different versions of the letters and 2 different back pages. We need to link the second page for printing, but are encountering problems with this. We can only print the front side. Are we missing a code/expression etc?

There are two approaches to this:

Have 2 layouts for both back pages. Use layout conditions to print/skip the layout you need.

Have 1 layout for the back pages, when the PDF object is selected in properties there is the page number. You can click it and then create an expression to decide which of the back pages should be printed.


Hopefully this articles gave you some ideas about what you can do with the “call-your-customer-by-name” toolkit. And feel free to reach us at with our live chat window located on the right hand corner of our website.