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2 ways to avoid the fate of the unopened email

Many businesses believe that communicating with their customers and clients through email is ideal because it allows them to quickly send off thousands of identical messages with a few simple clicks. Purely from the standpoint of productivity, this seems like a huge boon – without printing individual documents and addressing them all, a company can quickly get in touch with its entire contact list.

Obviously there are some benefits to this approach, but there are also significant drawbacks, which many companies are learning about the hard way. Consumers have become increasingly adroit at disregarding impersonal communications, and companies that rely on this tactic are finding that their efforts – regardless of how effortless they are – are going unnoticed.

Lured by convenience and efficiency, the vast majority of companies don’t customize their emails – as many as 80 percent, according to Experian – which is leading to a great deal of unopened and unread emails. What’s worse, many of these companies are sending off these indistinct emails and eschewing other, more effective methods.

While this spells trouble for these uncreative companies, it also opens the door for more forward-thinking businesses. Here are two creative solutions to help your company avoid the tar pit of cookie-cutter business emails.

Personal email
Just because emails can be sent unchanged and identical to thousands of customers doesn’t mean they have to be. Many companies are finding that by simply adding personal elements to emails – such as graphics, purchase histories and personal greetings – makes them much more effective.

In a recent blog post for Business 2 Community, entrepreneur Mike Brown discussed how tailoring emails to specific customers can help companies boost loyalty, convert potential customers and improve satisfaction levels.

“When consumers receive email messages that have been made specifically for them, featuring products or services they are interested in, they are also more likely to convert,” he wrote. “It’s a simple matter of packaging content in a way that maximizes the sender’s chances of success.”

Tried and true
In the face of more advanced spam folders and savvier customers, many companies are finding that circumventing email communications in favor of older – and often more effective – strategies can help them increase open and return rates. For example, sending colorful, attractive and completely personalized direct mail is a great way to cut through the email noise and get their messages heard.

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