An Objectif Lune greeting: Your votes are in

Happy New Year! I hate saying that so late in January but in the Chinese culture, it just started. So “gung hay fat choy” !

Starting this new year, I would like to share something we did at the end of last year. We took a bit of an unconventional approach to our holiday greetings last year. Instead of sending out holiday cards, we spent that cost on donating to different charities.  A lot happened last year that we should give thanks to so sharing the joy seems appropriate. Knowing everyone has their own passion, we ask you to choose 1 out of 3 charities that touches your heart the most. The results are in, donations were distributed according to your votes.  Here is what your votes amounted to:

 What your votes got

Thank-you for your votes. I am sure they are very appreciated. Hope 2014 brings more joy and fortune!