Welcome to Creating New Ways: your space

When I first started at Objectif Lune, the blog was non-existent. It was up to me and my partner in crime, Jean-Pierre, to forge the path for Creating New Ways. We had a noble goal: to showcase our employees, adorably dubbed as Lunies. We wanted you all to see how cool we are and understand we think differently hence the blog title: Creating New Ways. And we tried to ward people off product talk to showcase what we thought was the ‘true essence’ of our people. In the beginning of this hopeful relationship, we had a few successes. Phil, one of our first writers is a man of words wrote his first article and it was perfect. His article was great at showcasing our company’s vibe. Win #1!

Our first break-up

Then came drupa, the event that happens once every four years and lasts for 2 weeks, took over a lot of peoples’ lives which meant no blog articles. After the show, we tried to rally the team again but as something big was cooking in the world of Objectif Lune, we didn’t have much luck. (Have any secrets to share?)  So we thought we would do a quick fix and we hired Mark Thing, a guy who doesn’t like to show his face but does like long walks on the beach. That was the alias of our ghostwriters that we thought could replace real people. We were wrong. Though the articles weren’t half bad, the whole ideology of Creating New Ways was compromised and the articles were generic and wasn’t something we were extremely proud of so here comes our third try.

The third try’s back story

One Easter day, I sent out an email to our customer base to ask them to find the Easter egg hidden within PlanetPress. I didn’t know what to expect when sending out that email as before that one, there has been only two. The response I got was more than I expected. And after the hunt ended, I got one message on linkedin saying:

[callout]Glad to be a part of the group and know others using PlanetPress. – Brian Doe from 3M [/callout]

With the “revamping” of the blog, we decided to instead of trying again, we’ll do something different and Brian’s statement reassures me that a space for you is what really counts.  So over the next few months, let me know if we are producing is what you want or you have other ideas. I am all ears.