VDP Rules

There are some pretty big and exciting changes going down here at OL. And lucky for me I was hired smack dab in the middle of them. It’s really great to be part of something so new and exciting so early on in my time here.

Needless to say with all of the stuff going on here, when I started there was a whole lot to do, but a ton of decisions had to be made before I could do anything. And while all a bit over whelming, I decided to follow some of my favorite advice, when you don’t know where to start, start anywhere.

So that’s how this VDP video came to be. I decided that the best place to start was with a simple, useful video, and to do a short, efficient video that could best show what I was capable of doing in a short amount of time. I’m a big fan of the recent trend in motion type videos, and I have a huge thing with fonts, including a major crush on our corporate font (Gotham for all of you font nerds out there, but I’m sure you already knew that) so I went for a dynamic and fast pasted re work of one of our most popular videos on VDP.

I’m quite pleased with the results and hope you enjoy it as well. VDP rules.




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