Upgrade to faster printing speed

Do you have the feeling that adding new printing and mailing tasks, even small ones, demands a lot of effort and upsets your team? Is it hard for you to provide more services to other departments?

You aren’t alone! Over 43%* of printing and mailroom managers would like to be able to speed up production so they can optimize their services.

Knowing that some organizations can generate up to 50,000 pages a week, you can understand the importance of speeding up the work!

Even though mailings have diminished over the past few years, printing and mail still take up a lot of space in organizations. According to Infotrends, printing still accounts for nearly 30% of customer communication expenses.

Printing departments often are under pressure to do more without increasing costs.

The deadlines are often very tight. In addition to scheduled and recurring big print jobs, mailroom managers must respond to many small ad hoc requests that require a lot of handling. Managing these tasks manually soon becomes tedious, inefficient and monotonous. The service’s employees are dissatisfied with their situation.

It is then difficult to handle new requests and the organization’s other departments have the impression your service isn’t taking care of them.

Save time by automating tedious printing tasks

Did you know there are simpler ways to convert your printing and mailing in depth at your own pace? These solutions don’t require major investments, but ultimately allow optimization of printing and mailing.

Rick Loiben of Aon told us a few months ago how he was able to save an enormous amount of time: “I perfected a process by which our overseas team only has to deposit the file it created in a priority folder. This intervention triggers a process here, allowing us to sort the document by number of pages and send the file to the printers, where it is processed automatically. No more congestion in the printing rooms, apart from the fact that at least 5 to 10 employees no longer have to stuff envelopes.”

Would you also like to upgrade to a higher speed?

Here are some examples of fast gains for your business:

  • Deploy a middleware system that centrally captures mail requests and applies a few simple changes.
  • Centralize receiving of mailing requests and save plenty of time not having to sort, split and batch jobs manually.
  • Printing mailings directly with the appropriate inserter markings and stop handling piles of paper.
  • Place the pages to be folded and inserted indiscriminately in the inserter-folders, and let the machine do the rest.

Do you want to deploy these steps or go even farther? Contact us to see how you could improve your mailing and printing processes, thanks to actions that are quick and easy to deploy.


*Association for Information and Image Management