The secret to better response and conversion rates

The secret to better conversion and response rates

It’s not difficult to understand why personalized, feature-rich promotional and transactional documents are so much more effective than their boilerplate peers – they make customers feel more engaged and help increase loyalty. Few business people would argue with any of this, but regardless, many still fail to improve and customize their business documents.

In light of recent data, this position is likely to become even more untenable. A new study from InfoTrends revealed exactly how much personalization and creative tactics can improve a company’s promotional and transactional documents.

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When you send your customers business documents, your goal is always the same – to increase ROI. First and foremost, this means achieving a high open rate. Without getting your customers to open your mailed documents, you have no chance of achieving your objectives, whether they are to generate sales or retain loyal customers. After that, your goal is to obtain a high conversion rate. Unsurprisingly, the new study showed that accomplishing these goals is vastly easier with personalized and more complex initiatives.

The poll, which surveyed more than 1,000 large businesses across 10 industries, found that conversion and response rates increased in lockstep with the complexity and level of personalization of various campaigns. For print-only initiatives, companies received an average response rate of 6 percent and a conversion rate of 16.2 percent. When they added email, those numbers climbed to 7.6 percent and 18.3 percent, respectively. With the addition of PURLs, those figures rose to 8.2 percent and 16.5 percent. Finally, with the addition of mobile, the rates respectively leapt to 8.7 percent and 19 percent.

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What does this mean for your company. Above all, it means that investing in tools that allow you to personalize and add complexity to business documents – such as variable data printing software technology – is sure to pay off down the road. Clearly, consumers respond to compelling and customized documents, so finding ways to give them what they want can help you increase revenue and customer loyalty.

Simple steps like adding response devices and PURLs can have a massive impact on your open, response and conversion rates, so it is important to incorporate intuitive and powerful technology into your plans.

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