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Optimize your field services, in real-time, with a data capture system!

26 / 4 / 2017 BY

Do you use paper forms to capture your field data? You're not alone. Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) that offer field services (delivery, leasing, repair...) have trouble getting through their paperwork and haven't yet procured a digital solution to capture their field data. One of our clients, a family business providing crane and access machine leasing services in the southeastern United Kingdom, had worked with paper forms since its inception. Here's how they have been able to continue on their trajectory and are no longer slowed down by archaic paper processes! > Read More

Story of a Lunie: Web technology, interconnectivity and time savings

15 / 3 / 2016 BY

Mathieu de Lorimier is a solution developer on Objectif Lune’s Professional Services team. He develops and implements our solutions based on client needs, both in Canada and the US. When he arrived at Objectif Lune six months ago, after having worked in the web application world, he took a fresh look at what OL Connect can do, and he feels the possibilities are endless!> Read More

Choisir une solution complète pour la gestion des services sur le terrain

28 / 10 / 2015 BY

Saviez-vous que 80% des impressions dans une entreprise sont reliées à des transactions? On parle ici de factures, bons de commandes, bons de livraison ou encore de confirmations de paiement. Et pourtant, la majorité de ces documents ont été originalement créés électroniquement. Quelle perte de temps et d’argent pour l’entreprise, de finir par les imprimer! Et si un outil vous permettait de sauter plusieurs étapes fastidieuses de votre processus transactionnel?> Read More