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Make your transactional communications even more powerful

1 / 2 / 2018 BY

With the huge number of business and consumer emails sent every day, promotional emails must stand out in terms of their creativity. Yet it’s a bit different for transactional communications. They have the significant advantage of already attracting the recipient’s attention. But that’s not a reason to neglect transactional emails. On the contrary, it’s a great opportunity to build a strong relationship with your customers. > Read More

Tout savoir sur les bons de livraison efficaces

12 / 10 / 2017 BY

Les bons de livraison sont votre meilleur allié pour prouver que votre client a bien réceptionné un produit. Lorsque tout est correct sur le bon de livraison, vous pouvez ensuite enclencher la facturation et le paiement. Mais les bons de livraison sont parfois des documents un peu capricieux : ils se perdent, s’abîment ou contiennent des erreurs. Il est temps de mettre toutes ces mésaventures derrière vous et d’adopter une solution pour des bons de livraison efficaces.> Read More

What you should know about effective proof of delivery

12 / 10 / 2017 BY

Delivery slips are your best ally in proving that your customers have received their products. When all the information on the delivery slip is correct, you can prepare an invoice and trigger the billing and payment process. But delivery slips are sometimes unpredictable: they get lost or damaged, or may contain errors. If so, the entire process—from billing to payment—gets delayed. It’s time to leave all those problems behind and go with a solution that gives you effective digital proof of delivery. > Read More

Our recommendations for making your company digital

5 / 10 / 2017 BY

Benoît Potvin has worked in the computer software field for 10 years. Every day he is faced with companies that make the leap into digital transformation, whether to automate procedures or scan their documents. Also a software trainer in the past, he is therefore in a good position to talk about the challenges companies face when they initiate a change to digital processes.> Read More