Slashing invoice processing from days to minutes

When I first arrived at Objectif Lune (already 7 months!), I was astounded to learn how much time companies are losing because they don’t automate their manual tasks.  Nobody likes repeating the same assignments every day, and employees deserve better. And yet according to Aberdeen, 53% of organizations still rely on manual processes, in their day to day operations!  This is how I realized why our solutions are so successful, and how Objectif Lune changes people’s work life.
Our partner Accenture has recently completely automated a manual invoice processing task for Oi S.A, Brazil’s largest telecommunications provider. They wanted to share their story on how they experienced the power of Objectif Lune’s technology first hand.
Here is how PlanetPress Connect helped them save time and money.

Struggling with penalties for late or missed payments

Oi S.A was losing a lot of money, struggling with penalties for late or missed payments and asked Accenture to help improve their transactional processes. Accenture is a leading global professional services company and helps customers reach the next level of performance.  “We were paying on average BRL 500,000 a year in penalties for late or missed payments,” says OI S.A.  Accenture immediately recognized that Objectif Lune’s PlanetPress Connect could help.

Manual processes are never simple

Oi S.A. is Brazil’s largest telecommunications provider, offering services to almost 75 million customers. To support its nationwide presence and extensive customer base, telecoms giant Oi S.A. rents a lot of local offices across Brazil. These invoices typically arrived via email and were being printed and manually validated against contract information held in the SAP database before being passed on for payment. And because under Brazilian law, it is not compulsory for a landlord to issue an invoice for each month’s rental, they often didn’t receive an invoice at all. So even though wouldn’t receive invoices for each monthly payment that was due, they were still incurring penalties for missing them.

Making a good connection

Now, when an invoice is received, the PlanetPress Connect Data Mapper immediately converts it via optical character recognition (OCR) and imports into their system. The PlanetPress Connect workflow then initiates a data export in Oi’s SAP system to extract the expected invoice information, including payment details and due dates, for comparison and validation.

Custom business logic in the PlanetPress Connect workflow also identifies the upcoming contracted payments for which no invoice has been received. For these, it automatically generates personalized reminders requesting invoices, which are sent to the relevant landlords. Invoice status is updated based on the received and converted invoices and updated information is automatically fed back into the SAP system. A web-based dashboard is available to Oi’s management, providing a real-time overview of the rental invoice processing.

Happy customers don’t lie

Accenture was impressed with the results:

The beauty of using OL Connect is that we don’t have to have a tight integration with Oi’s SAP systems, something that Oi’s security policies didn’t allow us to do. OL Connect can work with a variety of integration tools, including intermediate files that allowed Accenture the flexibility to get the automation done.” Said Glaucio Dumans de Souza, solution architect at Accenture Brazil.

The invoice processing that used to take two to four days each month is now completed in a matter of minutes, vastly increasing productivity, while reducing manual errors and improving process control and visibility, and contributing to a project ROI of only six months.

We love to help our customer saving time and money!

By using Objectif Lune’s OL Connect technology, Accenture Brazil was able to implement a business solution to process Oi’s rental invoices with much higher productivity and accuracy than Oi could have achieved themselves while providing Oi’s management more insight in the overall process.

Accenture Brazil plans to build upon this success by re-using this business solution for other client projects.

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