Data mapping

Remove your data from silos and benefit from its full potential

Have you noticed that having customer data is becoming a primary asset for businesses? To the point where some companies are even willing to sell you full lists—but I strongly advise you not to give in to such offers that flirt with danger and may ruffle the feathers of many consumers.

That being said, customer data is a real treasure to those who know how to use it.

But that’s where the whole problem lies. It’s not complicated to get data; your systems are bursting with information. You have plenty of everything that might be relevant to your organization: personal and transactional information, purchase history, preferences, and the list goes on.
Imagine all you could do with this knowledge of your customer base: targeted relevant campaigns, personalized transactional communications that even include promotional messages.
And yes, you could significantly improve the experience and loyalty of your customers.

But here’s your number one problem: your data is dispersed across your organization’s various systems, in different formats, and oftentimes it can’t be used together. So the data remains in silos.

Get your data out of the current rigid systems and use its full potential

How can you easily access this goldmine of customer data?
The answer is simple: install a middleware system. With a middleware system, you can create a link between systems (CRM, ERP and other accounting and financial systems), extract data, regardless of format, and then map the data into a single tool. Then you can use it as you please, in any of your business communications.

This simple system integration (associated with data mapping) will allow you to easily create highly personalized and consistent promotional/transactional materials—both digital and traditional—without changing the systems you have in place.

Add to that the option of automating your transactional processes and you’ll reap all kinds of benefits: savings in time and money, greater satisfaction and retention of your customers, elimination of errors created in handling data and documents, to name a few.

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