Prioritize the reliability of your printings and mailings!

Are you losing money due to returned mail that was sent to the wrong customers or that had an incomplete address?

Do you spend too much time checking if the right documents are in the right envelopes?

You aren’t alone! Forty percent of mailroom managers told AIIM they considered that making fewer errors is the greatest benefit of a mail management system.

The integrity of mail is essential for good business continuity. With manual processes, errors accumulate quickly. Many hours are often spent checking by hand that the right mailing is sent. In addition, returned mail costs an organization plenty; when working manually, it’s so easy to make a mistake with an address or postal code!

Improve the integrity of your printing and mailing through automation

Did you know there are simpler ways to overhaul your printing and mailing processes at your own pace? These solutions don’t require major investments, but ultimately allow optimization of printing and mailing.

Lizza Friolet of L’Envol Des Langues explained to us how much automating their printing tasks helped to grow their organization:

“We used to lose an enormous amount of time managing human errors. Now we concentrate on creating new ideas instead of filling out paper documents. It’s incredible how much we have improved our work. We can concentrate on value-added tasks and even our customers benefit!”

Would you also like to make your printing and mailing reliable?

Here are some examples of fast gains for your business:

1. Automate address sorting and cleanup with a middleware system and correct the errors at the source.

2. Ensure that the recipient and address fields are always filled in, with automated alerts in case of failure.

3. Add a step to validate customer data for all services directly involving customers (technical support, customer service, sales, etc.).

Do you want to be able to do this and even more? Contact us to see how you can improve your mailing and printing processes in a few quick and easy steps.