PrintShop Mail How-to’s: Remove Empty Lines of Text

I get this question asked a lot: ‘How do I remove empty lines of text?’.

Because usually the intention of a mail merge is personalization. You want to send a mail piece specific to your customer or prospect but sometimes, a customer has a suite number but another doesn’t. In PrintShop Mail, you can remove those gaping holes quite easily and make your personalized piece that much more attractive.

To do that let the Text Properties menu be your friend. It lets you change all of the properties for any text object in your document.

To open the Text Properties in Windows

  1. Click on the text object of which you want to display the properties.
  2. Click in the Window menu, and then click Properties.
  3. The Properties window appears or, if it is already present, is brought to the front and selected.


The setting ‘Remove Empty Lines’

When set to “No“, empty lines will be shown in the text box. This is useful where the variable is for instance an address and some records in the database have empty fields. If you select this function the empty lines caused by the empty field(s) will be preserved.

When set to “Yes“, both empty lines which are caused by empty fields in the database and white lines which are manually inserted will be removed.
When set to “Only in variables”, all empty lines will be removed in the variables only, static empty lines will be preserved.


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  • Michael

    Hello Tina
    How do I remove “Empty Lines” caused by empty fields, but keep the returns that I have between paragraphs in my text layout?
    Your help would be appreciated.
    Kind regards

  • Hi Michael,

    There are two ways to deal with enters creatively:

    1) With remove empty lines “only in variables” you can have to deal only with those pieces as long as all data fields are put in the variable.

    2) You can ‘trick’ the system by using an invisible character on the line so it doesn’t consider it empty.
    Hold the “Alt”-key, and use the pad to type 0160 – the 0 is important.
    It puts a non-breaking space to the text or inside your variable that PrintShop Mail will not remove. So you can use it anywhere to prevent the removal from empty lines.
    Inside a variable, you can also use the CHR function to insert a 0160

    Hope this helps!