Print service providers: 4 ways to make your life easier

A little while ago, I wrote an article about the four daily challenges faced by printing service providers.

I mentioned how addressing, handling variable data, and a limited ability to use any type of format can negatively affect your growth. Either the associated tasks are too complex and time-consuming, or you simply can’t do them because you don’t have the proper tools.

Take a look at the four steps you can take to address these challenges and improve your productivity, while offering a wider range of services to your customers.

1) Eliminate problems caused by addressing

You can clean and sort addresses before printing and set up your documents so that the address is in the right place and has marks to ensure it is visible. Add a postal barcode to make it easier to sort mail and to take advantage of postal rebates. All in one automated step.

2) Send multilingual campaign materials in a single step

In managing the printing of multilingual promotional messages, you’re multiplying the work by the number of languages required.

Why not handle everything just once? You could easily manage all of the data-based multilingual variable content. If the database provided contains the right field (e.g. “language”), all you need to do is create a condition, during the composition stage, that would automatically search for the message text in the right language.

Of course, this doesn’t work just for multilingual campaigns: you can use any data to personalize your customers’ messages, as they choose.

If they haven’t thought about it, you could even propose it to them, and they’ll surely be interested!

3) Create graphic materials without being a graphics designer

To achieve all of the above, it would be ideal to start with whatever design the customer provides, then create your final documents by just adding the barcodes and all of the fields, text boxes, addresses and  variable images. Then all you need to do is hit “Print” for the data to be automatically inserted in the right spot on the page.

4) Say yes to multiple data formats

You no longer need to turn down customers because your software can’t handle their data formats.  There are solutions that will allow you to use many data formats, such as CSV, dBase, XML, Oracle and SQL Server.

You’re wondering where to find such a solution? Well your search is over. Simply go to