Put a positive spin on your invoices

Put a positive spin on your invoices

Sending your customers invoices is both one of the most crucial aspects of your business and one of its most perilous. Nobody likes to receive a bill, which makes it easy for you to take a small misstep with the process and end up damaging a customer interaction. Because of this, many companies treat invoicing as nothing more than a bitter pill – something they must do that they’d rather avoid.

However, this glass-half-empty stance is missing a crucial aspect of the process: sending invoices doesn’t have to be an entirely negative (or at best neutral) experience. Creative companies have found ways to use transactional documents as a way of creating a positive and value-rich experience for their customers.

All interactions should be positive interactions
Improving customer engagement is one of the most important tasks for any companies, and bills and invoices – oddly enough – provide the perfect opportunity for you to do exactly that. Because you have to send your customers invoices – and because they have to open them – it is easy to use this event as an opportunity to promote your brand, provide value to your customers and keep the lines of engagement open.

“Every interaction with a customer provides an opportunity to improve your relationship – even during collections,” Mark Wilson, CEO of TermSync, wrote in a blog for DestinationCRM. “Take advantage of every opportunity you have to interact with your customer.”

Targeted promotions
One effective way to do this is to include promotional and marketing materials in your transactional documents. In addition to providing a “spoonful of sugar” with your bills, this technique also allows you a great opportunity to build loyalty among your customers.

What’s more, because you have so much information about your customers – their purchases, their shopping habits – you can easily craft a promotion tailored just for them. Using variable data printing software, you can send them marketing materials along with their invoices that are addressed to them by name and include the perfect promotion for their needs.

Bundled invoices
With the right plan, you don’t have to stop at including promotional items with your transaction documents. According to the source, it is also a good idea to increase the value you offer your customers by bundling invoices and providing response devices. Many of your clients receive dozens or even hundreds of invoices a month, so taking their time into account and offering the most convenient bills and transactions engenders good will and helps build loyalty.

If you want to learn about how you can turn invoices into a positive customer experience, call Objectif Lune today!


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