What PlanetPress means for healthcare

I got introduced to PlanetPress when I was at Canon. I saw the software as something that would differentiate me from everyone else. At that time, PlanetPress was on license based and used mostly for speeding up output. I was able to optimize forms and thus utilize the speed of the printers I was selling. But because PlanetPress is a toolbox, I saw all the other potential for it in different environments. Which, if you fast forward to 2009, was why I joined Objectif Lune.

Most of my early implementations focused on the logistics vertical because of the infrastructure in place. But when I got introduced to healthcare, I knew PlanetPress could make a difference.

The first glimpse

I truly understood what PlanetPress could do for healthcare was after doing a presentation to CSSS Kamouraska. One of our resellers introduced me to Normand Hubert, Analyst and IT coordinator at the CSSS Kamouraska.  We walked in our first meeting not knowing too much about the needs but walked out seeing the potential we had to help hospitals run smoother.

Hospitals, as many of us know, could always need more staff so with PlanetPress, we can give back some nurses to patients because we will be removing one of their tasks, one pretty time consuming, risky task: patient record processing. And that means less waits, more time per patient and less errors in filing. It’s pretty exciting to think that one tool can have that kind of effect.

Kamouraska’s Implementation

What we did for CSSS Kamouraska was what PlanetPress did best: help with communications. They were looking for a way to automate their records management process because their workload doubled. The amount of files that needed to be filed and digitalized were just too much for 5 people that were available. And hiring was not an option. But because things were done manually in the past, the document management system didn’t talk to the lab testing software making it difficult for everybody.

As a great communicator, PlanetPress was able to grab the files from Technidata and TD LIM software and process them into their document management system, Purkinje. Now customer files are updated automatically and files are found quickly.

The future of PlanetPress for healthcare

Why have nurses do paperwork when they can be taking care of patients? I see PlanetPress working in different document and form based processes to reduce the risk of errors and use nurses time more efficiency. For example, with Canadian universal healthcare, doctors get paid per task, if the submisson of work could be automated, more accuracy can be attained. So with PlanetPress, hospitals can remove some paper process and get the job done faster.

For more information about the CLSS Kamouraska’s implementation, view here.