PlanetPress in bite-sizes

Everyone who has heard about PlanetPress knows that it’s good at printing. Take any document, make it look and work better and then print a ton of it, fast. That’s a given. But for us, working at OL, we know that PlanetPress is so much more than that.

The pickle is, PlanetPress does almost too much. With so many functionalities and applications, it becomes difficult to preach the virtues of PlanetPress without overwhelming our partners and customers with too much information.

For me, working in marketing at OL, my job is to tell the PlanetPress story. But how can I pick a story that will resonate with the majority of our customers and partners when the possibilities are endless?

That’s why I loved Pascal’s idea. Pascal, one of our reps in Canada, figured we needed to do something with the fact that Canada Post was planning to increase stamp prices by 35% in 2014. He thought about bundling a limited PlanetPress license with some professional service to create a simple e-billing workflow and offer it a discounted price to our partners in Canada so they could help their customers navigate this hefty increase in postage.

Here is how it works

  1. PlanetPress receives the preformatted output from any Windows application including any accounting software, ERP or legacy application.
  2. The print output is converted to PDF on the-fly.
  3. The documents are attached to an email and sent automatically

Sounds so easy, it seems there must be more to it but really there isn’t. Everyone sends snail mail, but many are under the impression that moving away from regular mail to email is too much trouble for the expected savings. Enter PlanetPress, your e-billing super-hero that will save you from paying too much! What a great story to tell! I could see the potential immediately. I got to work and prepared everything with my colleagues to support the Canadian sales’ team efforts to promote PlanetPress as an e-billing solution.

We’ll see what happens next, already the response has been super positive. The lesson I will take away from this is that the best PlanetPress story is a simple PlanetPress story. I can apply this in every single aspect of my job in marketing. PlanetPress can do a lot but I need to break it down to the simplest common denominator to make my story resonate.