PlanetPress Connect at Point

With a twitter handle like @biggestbossfan, I knew Craig Green would be a delight to interview. And getting introduced to PlanetPress Connect by Didier, our CEO, in a pub at the Johannesburg Airport makes him that much cooler. In this article Craig gives us his first impressions of PlanetPress Connect.

Tell me a little about what you do.

I am the New Media Mgr. at Point. That means I build relationships with customers and get them on board with what we do.

We serve as a middle man. We do what’s missing in the market right now and it is format data on the behalf of our clients. Companies that produce PDF documents have difficulties because PDFs are inflexible. They are only printable. So we take data from our customers and all they get is an invoice. We take care of the rest. We are supplier neutral so our customers get the best at the best prices.

When did you start working with OL products?

I was actually a PReS customer for a while but was never too good at a programming. One day I went to the Objectif Lune’s Cape Town office and was introduced to PlanetPress. After using it for a bit, the guys at the office told me to come down and meet Didier at the airport’s pub and that’s when he personally asked me to beta test PlanetPress Connect.

What are your first impressions of PlanetPress Connect

First was, how do I spell ‘wow’? PlanetPress Connect was able to use a single data mapper to generate multiple formats. I like automation because it makes a path for less resistance. And that’s exactly what PlanetPress Connect offers.

What is your favorite feature?

Definitely the DataMapper. I love having the ability to extract data from PDFs. And it’s so easy. Within the first hour, I was able to generate my first data module. It’s a spectacular piece of software. It definitely gives me more time to liaison with the customers and get more business.

If you could add anything, what would it be?

It doesn’t make coffee. Other than that I am sure you guys will be working on simplifying some processes. But I think PlanetPress Connect has changed the data formatting scene forever.

If you have tried PlanetPress Connect, let us know what you think either by leaving a comment or writing us at We love feedback, good but also not so good.



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