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Optimizing your proof of delivery processes when you aren’t a digital company

A major concern for traditional companies today is offering digital services in order to remain competitive with companies born in the digital era. To achieve this, changes need to be made, but changes that don’t require completely changing one’s identity, products or services.

Recently, one of our customers was looking to improve their purchase orders and deliveries. In business for over 70 years, this tile and ceramics company had grown significantly over the years, without having had the chance to change its internal processes. When you consider that most companies produce between 300 and 600 delivery slips per month, this represents a large amount of manual work. It is wise for companies to look for a digital solution to optimize their processes.

The need for standardization at each point of sale

With more than 300 points of sale in the United States and Canada, the day-to-day management of the business was manual, paper-based, and time-consuming. Employees had to manage a large number of documents by hand and couldn’t always find the documents they were looking for.

On top of that, there was no standard ordering process in place for all the stores. The company, therefore, needed to standardize the order processing of all its stores in order to have better visibility on the status of the orders each store was accepting.

The need to optimize the delivery processes

The company also carries out the deliveries of the goods customers order in-store, this requires purchase orders and proof of deliveries to confirm that the customer has received the goods. All these documents used to travel with the deliveryman before returning to the store.  As a result, the risk of errors and document loss was high.

It was then necessary to devote time to checking the correspondence between the orders made in store with the delivery notes, before then to creating and sending the invoices. The time between all these steps was sometimes very long, delaying billing.

A digital solution with PlanetPress Connect and Capture OnTheGo

The company chose to upgrade to digital proof of deliveries using PlanetPress Connect and Capture OnTheGo.

In store, documents processed by employees and customers are now digital. This has reduced printing costs and the documents are immediately backed up digitally. They are then accessible anywhere, anytime and give the company immediate and accurate visibility into the status of every order in all of its 300 stores.

For deliveries, the company uses Capture OnTheGo. Once the products have been received, customers can sign the delivery notes directly on the tablet. If there are any changes to the delivery, they can be corrected immediately on the document. When the delivery is complete, the document is automatically sent back the company. The driver doesn’t need to wait until all the deliveries are done before submitting the documents. Digital copies return to the office in real time, making them easier to use and find.

The benefits

  • The manager of each store has freed up at least an hour in their day, allowing them to devote more to customers in store
  • By digitizing their purchase orders and deliveries, the company reduced its printing costs
  • The company has accelerated its processes: 50,000 documents are now processed every day
  • They enjoy better real-time visibility on the status of orders and deliveries

Want to digitize your processes or improve your deliveries? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our advisors and ask for a free consultation!