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Optimize your field services, in real-time, with a data capture system!

If you offer field services, do you use paper forms to capture your field data? You’re not alone. Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) that offer field services (delivery, leasing, repair…) have trouble getting through their paperwork and haven’t yet procured a digital solution to capture their field data.

These businesses are drowning in paper and have trouble finding time to improve their services.

I have always found something very gratifying about helping SMEs. These businesses can’t count on infinite resources to support them in their operations and often must learn to create value with little means. It’s even more worthwhile when the SME is a family business and we can help it grow in the jungle of entrepreneurship.

At Objectif Lune, we have a lot of stories about organizations like these, who have learned to live with their paperwork, completely unaware that their everyday operations could easily be improved. They were paper based for so many years that the effort to digitize their processes seemed overwhelming.

However, there are simple solutions that don’t require major investments, and that ultimately save a lot of time and money. In addition, they allow businesses to make time for activities more important than the mere management of administrative documents.

Manual data capture slows a company’s growth

One of our clients, a family business providing crane and access machine leasing services in the southeastern United Kingdom, which opened its doors in 1997, had worked with paper forms since its inception. The company had over 100 employees but nonetheless continued to manage everything manually with paper.

This quickly became unmanageable, but the company didn’t know how to do otherwise. Their entire fleet was managed by personnel in the field with paper forms, which weren’t always completed adequately.

Thus, there was no way to prove the condition in which their vehicles left the premises, because they couldn’t add visual elements to their forms. Handwritten notes weren’t always enough to prove the condition of a crane. Often, they had to pay for damages caused by their clients. In addition, there were insurance problems, given that the information wasn’t up to date at the time of the claim.

Also, the responsibility for these forms wasn’t always clear. Between the office staff and the personnel on the road, people didn’t always know who had to fill out what. This resulted in a lot of records that were incomplete or contained errors.

Our client needed to take the next step. It needed more flexibility in data gathering, and it had to abandon paper forms and capture vehicle leasing data digitally.

Evolve to a digital capture solution!

By switching to a digital forms based solution, records contain fewer errors. All the information is digitized in real time, during the capture by field personnel. Responsibilities have been clearly defined and each person is automatically assigned a section to complete. For example, previously nobody knew who was responsible for recording maintenance; this is now clearly defined by the application.

Best of all, proof of the condition of vehicles leaving and returning to the site is now recorded with a photo taken in real time! The company no longer has to worry about proving who damaged the vehicle. Communications with their insurers are greatly improved!

Our client has been able to continue to offer field services and is no longer slowed down by archaic paper processes. It has finally innovated its data capture!

Do you want to abandon paper forms?

Would you also like to optimize your field data capture processes, but are afraid of change? At Objectif Lune, we know that medium-sized enterprises can’t afford to overhaul all their systems and processes in one colossal project. Most improvements can be implemented gradually, with total flexibility.

We would like to get to know you better and offer you a solution adapted to your business. Make an appointment for a free consultation!


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