Objectif Lune breaks the world record for longest print run

Lots of our products are known for their printing capabilities and we wanted to capitalize on that with our attempt at the Guinness World Record of the longest print run. In 1998, Legendary Print in Mumbai, India printed for 120 hours consecutively but we were determined to break the record. Set out with our printer and a great team, on March 26th the printing began. And yesterday on March 31st at 2am, WE BROKE THE RECORD with the time of 126 hours 2 mins and 6 seconds. The Guinness team flew out and witnessed our success along with our CEO, Didier and VP of Marketing, Bertrand. We are all very proud of this accomplishment. And sure there will be more to come! We are now record hungry.

Check out our record on the Guinness website




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