Know how to meet your clients’ personalization needs!

Over the last few years, have you seen all the articles passing over your newswires predicting the death of printing and the victory of digital marketing? With all the advances in advertising on the Web and social media, they will have you believe that direct mail is dead.

However, many studies have started to prove the opposite this year. They don’t say to abandon marketing on the Web, which still has a lot to offer. The idea is to combine all the different approaches and thus continuing to send postcards to customers, for example, while maintaining a lasting digital relationship.

The future of promotional mailing campaigns depends on personalization

However, for promotional mailing campaigns to work, they must be highly personalized. You must attract the customer’s attention in his or her mailbox. There is a lot to gain, because people pay more attention when they read paper documents (compared to reading email) and will be more receptive to the message conveyed by the campaign. In 2016, Canada Post conducted a study,  Connecting for Action 2016, on the contribution of admail to digital advertising campaigns when the issue is to optimize the consumer’s attention, emotional engagement and spontaneous recognition of the brand. One of their conclusions is that direct mail campaigns retain the customers’ attention 118% longer than email! Moreover, when admail is combined with digital advertising, brand recall is 10% higher and emotion is 5% more intense.

Printing and mailing are still very necessary, but it’s important to stress that their future will depend on personalization. Because few companies do this yet, when people receive advertising in the mail, modified specifically to respond to their tastes, they will notice it more easily. In the meantime, emails pile up in the inboxes without being opened!

Personalization is more than simply calling customers by their name

Personalizing promotional mailings may seem more complex than doing this for an email. But it’s possible! As a service provider and to continue meeting your clients’ needs, you must therefore be able to offer them the possibility of personalizing their mailings easily!

Imagine a car dealer that needs to produce a promotional mailings for his customers, announcing a new car model. The text of the mailing must be adapted to the branch and the profile targeted. This requires text, signatures, different images and personalized registration numbers, all produced transparently and error-free. 5,000 to 7,000 documents must be printed in all. This seems like a real puzzle!

To do the job for this car dealer, you should be able to extract the data from an Excel spreadsheet, apply the JPG signatures, select the desired images and merge everything in the promotional card design! Print the result in one run on a colour digital printer with an attractive personalized rendering. In all, the document composition and design shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

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