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Marketing services company enjoys successful digital transformation

Netherlands-based “Service Bureau Jansen” (SBJ) is a great example of digital transformation. The company was founded over 60 years ago and was a pioneer in postal and logistics services. It was able to adapt to the new digital environment and now offers marketing services, loyalty programs and cashback promotions.

SBJ also supports the reverse logistics services that some companies offer. It involves collecting and recycling end-of-life products and the resulting waste. Actually, this practice resulted in an entire market because it required a specific logistical set-up. For example, they needed to be able to find and collect the products, so there were requirements for traceability and a collection service.

Manual handling of large amounts of data became complicated

In order to set up this reverse logistics service, SBJ had to manage large amounts of data fast to organize the collection, for example. This data had to be shared with third parties such as logistics service providers, as well as with client systems. So SBJ was no longer able to deal with all of these operations or handle the data manually, effectively and competitively.

The process was quite complex and variable, namely because of the large number of customers, each with their own procedures adapted to their internal processes. Therefore, the company was looking for a flexible system to input, collect and share data, allowing it to automate these complex and variable processes.

The benefits of automating data management

Using the OL Connect solution, SBJ developed its own internal systems for warehouse and response management in order to provide clients with real-time insight into inventory and campaign developments. SBJ now uses a flexible platform capable of receiving all kinds of data from its various customers, as well as from its own systems. So the company is able to define the most effective workflows and can even offer customers multichannel, personalized communications.

Thanks to OL Connect, SBJ has gained efficiency by automating its data collection and increasing the data processing speed. But SBJ has also increased customer satisfaction. Its customers enjoy the same experience as with an intuitive website—and they don’t need to change how they work. Everything happens in the background.

A focused, non-intrusive set-up

Changing or setting up these types of systems and procedures sometimes seems onerous, and many companies don’t think they’ll be able to make the changes internally. Yet SBJ experienced success. Their own IT team handled the implementation. Of course, the team took customized training at Objectif Lune.

With OL’s help, they were able to build a web platform that met their current automation needs and was primed to address their future digital needs. All of the systems are now connected to the platform, without any compatibility or security issues. Do you want to find out how we can help with your digital transformation? Feel free to contact one of our advisors!

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