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Jumping into the document management ecosystem

A common question we’re asked a lot is “What is Objectif Lune’s technology? What does it do?”

Shortly, we help integrate your document management systems with your existing IT infrastructure. We are the missing link between your ECM and business communications.

As it is a very large subject, we segment document management into 4 categories:

  • Documents entering: all communication coming in the company through mail, e-mail, fax and so on.
  • Documents being stored: whether they are digitally or physically archived, requiring closets for files or server.
  • Documents processing: that can be many operations as filling up a form, signing or transporting a document from a user to another…
  • Documents legacy: this is the step when you choose how to process documents in the ERP system or to archive them.

For each of those steps, there is an OL technology that can make your business communications easier.

That’s what Matt Irish, Objectif Lune UK’s General Manager, speaking at the Canon UK 2017 kickstart event, explains in this video: in short, in the document management ecosystem, we’re the glue that holds everything together!

At Objectif Lune, we have a specific solution for your document management system. Find the right one for you!


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