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Internal mail service: how to do more with fewer resources

The internal mail service is often neglected because it is considered an expense —rather than a real asset.

But did you know that, according to the Institute of Financial Operations, more than 70% of businesses send 1,000 to 10,000 invoices per month! Yet 53% of transactional communications are still sent by mail.

The digital revolution is well under way, but it has not yet replaced mail, which remains the preferred method of communicating with customers in many businesses.

Moreover, apart from transactional communications, for example, for marketing documents, mail still has an edge.  Many studies show that current and prospective clients pay much more attention to documents received by mail than to email.

But internal mail service is increasingly losing favour in organizations.

Do you feel pressured to always do more without increasing costs?

Managing internal mail service: an uncomfortable and time-consuming job

Deadlines are often very tight and, in addition to the large planned and recurrent print jobs, you have to respond to many small ad hoc requests that require a lot of management. Managing all these tasks by hand quickly becomes tedious, inefficient and boring.

Your employees are probably unhappy with their situation. Unhappy employees don’t want to go to work and might quit if they think their work is time-consuming and beneath their abilities. Talented employees want to be able to do more, increase their skills and feel that they are part of your organization.

As a result, you feel stuck in this uncomfortable situation: meeting the demands of other departments while not spending too much and keeping your employees satisfied and motivated.

Managing internal mail isn’t easy. Do you need a solution to help you optimize your mail, prove your efficiency and demonstrate your real added value?

Automate your tasks and use your time more efficiently

You could save a lot of time by automating tedious printing and mailing tasks!

Here are a few tasks that you could easily automate:

  • Clean up your address list. You will reduce the number of mail items returned because of a wrong address. And think about all those duplicate addresses. It’s really an unnecessary expense to send the same envelope twice at the same cost. By cleaning up your list in the most effective way possible, you will save a good part of your costs!
  • Centrally receive mailing requests from other departments and save loads of time by not having to manually sort, split and organize jobs in batches.
  • Print mail items directly with the appropriate inserter marks and stop managing piles of paper.
  • Place the pages to be folded and inserted indiscriminately in the inserter-folder, and let the machine do the rest.
  • Validate the process by ensuring that the right document is in the right envelope using a third-party solution that detects errors.

Lastly, by automating scanning, archiving and mail preparation, you will save a lot of time! Moreover, your team will no longer be burdened with manual and repetitive tasks. Not only will they be more satisfied with their daily routine, but you will be able to assign them more creative, fulfilling and relevant tasks.

Do you want to do more with fewer resources?

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