Multichannel communications

Increased personalization for better communications

Are you, like me, also one to instantly delete (or recycle) promotional communications that you get in your inbox or mailbox?

I, myself, rarely do more than glance at them, unless they contain an essential aspect, such as a bill payment or the tracking of a delivery, or if there’s something special about them that speaks to me.

The “something special” is what I call “personalization.” Yes, if a company addresses me personally to talk about something that’s important to me or to send me an offer reserved exclusively for me and no one else, chances are I’ll pay attention. This doesn’t mean I’ll follow up on it, but I will keep a positive image of the company.

This means something for an organization.

The simple fact of having a positive image is an asset because, in time, it will generate revenue.

Why, you ask?

Simply because an organization that has managed to get positive attention is one that people like, that they will remember for future orders, and that those around us will talk about. In fact, an organization with a good image turns its customers into fans.

What’s more,personalization can even generate direct revenue. If I receive an offer that is so well customized that it proposes what I need when I need it, then why wait? I’ll place my order!

Personalization has proven itself. Everyone wins.

So why don’t we get more personalized offers and messages?

The personalization of client communications poses a challenge for companies

According to InfoTrends, “it takes an average of over three months for a company to make small changes to document templates, and twice as long to make major changes.

Knowing this, we quickly understand one of the problem’s root causes: the lack of flexibility when it comes to customizing documents.

How do you personalize your communications if simply changing an image in a document template takes three months?

How do you send as many different communications as you have customers?

This task is no easy feat. And by the time you’re done, you may just have to change your message, because customers and their needs are constantly changing.

A one-of-a-kind system to manage your data and create personalized, multichannel communications

Luckily, there are simple solutions that can be implemented to easily design and edit your multichannel documents, allowing you to vary the elements of your messages and base them on easily accessible customer data. All this can be done using a single middleware system that extracts and combines data from your company’s different systems.

You’ll finally be able to send personalized transactional and promotional messages based on the customer data you have, using the medium of your (or your client’s) choice, all with one solution.

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