An Objectif Lune greeting

Since the beginning Objectif Lune has been sending out Holiday cards. We’ve experimented with other things like e-cards and ornaments too in the past years but we thought why be another card* on the pile. Your business means everything to us but is a card really going to translate just how much? So instead of sending you a card this year, we thought why not a carrot?

The carrot ( it’s virtual BTW) represents a goat to help feed a family, installing a water well, or providing first aid to the Phillipines. Doesn’t that mean more than a card? Your virtual carrot gives you the choice of three different charities you would like us to donate to on your behalf. Just give the carrot to a snowman that represents your charity of choice. There’s a lot of carrot talk in the entry…Go make your choice. It will make sense.

Make your choice

*If you loved the cards that we’ve sent and we are totally off, let us know.


holiday cards