The End of an Era… – Hello Manchester

I sit and write this to you in an empty, cold Milton Keynes Office, known locally as The Hobble.  As some of you may be aware we have taken the decision to close this Office and relocate to a brand new Suite in Manchester.

For those of you who have been in the Objectif Lune family for a while will understand the difficulty and sadness that were part of the decision to close The Hobble.  It is here that Colin Casey and a small band of followers started a company called Planet Systems.  Things were very different then, Variable Data was a glint in the eye of the vanguards and Version 3 of PlanetPress had just been born to an unsuspecting world. Using The Hobble as a base but driven by pure passion and belief in the product, this small band of forerunners built long lasting relationships in customers and what would eventually become our resellers.  The outlying traits and foundations set down have proved to be successful and rock solid, as we leave this Office the UK & Nordic Business will soon be worth Four Million Euros and supports the Careers and Mortgages of Twenty One people.  We doff our caps in constant respect to those who had the courage to start this business.  Many of us would not be here without them

Over the past few months we have been steadily clearing the office.  We found interesting things; we found the first computer that the first order was taken, which famously became the first credit a few days later.  We found an extraordinary collection of un-opened McDonalds Happy Meal Toys.  We found Electric Bikes, children’s slides and a collection of manuals for coding languages long since forgotten.  But more importantly we found lots of memories; the sofa where I sat for my first interview, the empty whiteboard that represented the pipeline for the month, the strange collection of fiction novels and the always full but never used metal shelves of boxes and of course the empty product boxes that represented the first HSBC deal.  I am sure that those who visited The Hobble will have their own recollections.   Everyone has their own stories…

So, we move onwards and upwards.  We have a wonderful refurbished Office in Manchester.  The team in the UK & Nordics now congregate here; it is here we are building new memories, new stories and new success.  We have a fantastic and eclectic team of people over here, you are welcome to come and join us any time.

We look forward to welcoming you to Manchester.  See you soon.

Our new address is:

Manchester International Office Centre, Styal Road, Manchester, M22 5WB
Telephone: 0161 362 6500