Get the most out of your outbound mail

2017 is slowly coming to an end and you may already be thinking about your end-of-year customer communications. In order for your campaign to be successful, you must be well prepared! That’s why we have put together a list for you with all of our articles, full of tips and tricks, to help you better organize your outgoing mail.

Whether you choose high-quality printing or digital communications, it’s always possible to optimize your efforts and save money.

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Optimize your outbound mail all while connecting with your customers!

  • Direct Mail: How to increase the value of your printed materials

Direct mail may seem like an expensive option requiring a lot of work. But if you take a closer look, it could be well worth it! Consumers say they prefer direct mail to other types of advertising. This enthusiasm for paper-based communications is even greater when direct mail is personalized, and in some cases, the response rate doubles!
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  • Internal mail service: how to do more with fewer resources

The internal mail service is often neglected because it is considered an expense —rather than a real asset. Managing internal mail isn’t easy. Do you need a solution to help you optimize your mail, prove your efficiency and demonstrate your real added value?
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  • Optimizing your document production and working smarter

Even though mailings have diminished over the past few years, document production, printing and mailing still make up a large part of an organization’s workload. No wonder one of our most successful customer stories is about how to optimize print and mailing services! Rick Loiben, Operations Manager at Aon, told us last year how he was able to save an enormous amount of time automating tedious manual tasks in the document production process.
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  • Prioritize the reliability of your printings and mailings!

Are you losing money due to returned mail that was sent to the wrong customers or that had an incomplete address? Do you spend too much time checking if the right documents are in the right envelopes? Here are some examples of fast gains for your business.
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  • Centralize your print and mail jobs to increase savings

Have you ever looked at the time and money you could save by centralizing all of your small, day-to-day print jobs in each of your company’s departments? We recently had an opportunity to help one of our European customers improve and cut printing and mailing costs across the organization.
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You now have everything you need to produce quality customer communications while streamlining your resources and efforts. And as always, Objectif Lune is here to assist you along the way. Don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with a consultant.

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