How millennials see business documents

Generational business documents series: Millennials

Sending generic business documents to your customers is always a risky endeavor, as an overly bland, impersonal or valueless letter or invoice can easily turn a satisfied customer into an unhappy one. Because of this, shrewd companies make sure to send carefully tailored messages to their clients. Often they do this by dividing their customer base into targeted segments – by region, income level or purchase level, for example – in an effort to provide only the most relevant and valuable content. This strategy has gained popularity recently – especially as consumers have become more demanding and tech-savvy – but there is one metric that is too often overlooked in terms of carefully tailored direct mail marketing.

Age defines the way people engage with brands, buy products and choose whom to do business with. As such, it is one of the most important criteria companies can use to design the most pertinent and useful business documents for their customers. By tailoring invoices, special offers and other promotions to specific recipients based on their age, companies have the best chance of improving engagement levels among customers as well as increasing open and response rates.

In this upcoming series, we will take a look at the best ways to use variable data printing to create personalized, pertinent business documents to members of all generations.

In the first installment, we look at millennials.

The young and the restless

Many people assume that young consumers have already abandoned traditional mail in favor of email and social media, and that all attempts to reach them through this “outdated” channel will be fruitless. However, recent research suggests that this is not the case. In fact, because millennials and other young consumers are so accustomed to engaging with companies through a variety of channels, it is particularly important to use all communication methods – including, perhaps especially, direct mail – to reach them, according to Deliver Magazine.

“Sending something by direct mail is a way of breaking through the clutter because they do receive so much communication that comes digitally,” Lamont Swittenberg, managing director at Luminosity Marketing, told the source. “And you still can’t replace the personal touch from direct mail.”

The personal touch

The last point about using a personal touch is especially important in regard to millennials. These young consumers have become accustomed to receiving personalized materials from businesses, and this applies especially to direct mail. Using custom printing and other tools to provide individualized and age-sensitive documents is a great way for companies to reach and engage this all-important demographic.

“The leap for marketers is to recognize the different lens Gen Y applies to reading their mail and adjust the marketing message to make those Gen Y differences a measurable advantage,” Jason Ryan Dorsey, author of Y-Size Your Business, told the source. He added that millennials prefer images and directions to an online video, rather than solely text-based content.

Tomorrow’s consumers

One of the most important reasons to take great pains to engage millennials through customized promotional and transactional documents is because this group of customers will likely be your bread and butter for years to come. Keeping these young consumers in your grasps is essential, and recent research suggests that targeted direct mail is the best way to do so.

According to a recent report from Nielsen, 92 percent of millennials say that direct mail helps them decide where to shop and whom to do business with. This was the highest total for any channel including websites, emails and newspapers.

Young consumers may be engaging with brands through an ever-widening array of devices and channels, but customized direct mail messages are still an essential component of any effort.

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