how to communication with the senior population

Generational business document series: Seniors

When marketers and executives talk about increasing market share and retention, they are typically referring to adding younger customers, as this group is most likely to help them build a strong foundation for years to come. While this is an important way of looking at this issue, it is equally important that companies don’t do this by abandoning some of their most loyal customers, who are frequently middle-aged or older.  This is especially true in terms of business documents and direct mail marketing, because these channels are firmly entrenched parts of the lives of many older consumers.

In the last two installments in our series on business documents for different generations we looked at millennials, baby boomers and Gen Xers. For our final installment, we will explore how custom printing technology can help your company engage one of the most important segments of your customer base: seniors.

Know your target

The first important thing to keep in mind when designing a direct mail marketing campaign or business document for seniors is that this group is one of the most reliable and important of all. In her blog for Focus on Aging, Marla Levie, emphasizes the importance of connecting with seniors through tailored mailers, especially ones geared at new experiences.

“As people age and many become more isolated, it becomes increasingly important to give potential future clients the opportunities to meet new people, have new experiences and continue learning,” she wrote. “Direct mailings and event focused marketing to seniors are one of many important sales channels and marketing strategies.”

Tailoring business documents to reflect seniors’ desires to stay active and engaged is one of the most effective ways to keep them actively involved with your company. Of course, it raises the obvious question: How should you go about this quest?

Tailor communications to lifestyle

According to Direct Marketing News, one of the best ways to do this is to emphasize your targets’ active lifestyles. Being a senior in the modern world is vastly different than it was in the past, and your business documents should reflect this. When the AARP sends promotions and documents to seniors, for example, they try to use language and specific information that will encourage responses and actions.

“It’s not just about demographic segmentation, it’s about life stage. We take a look at an audience and ask, ‘What’s going to trigger their behavior?'” Patricia Lippe Davis, VP of marketing at AARP, told the source.

Customized mailed documents remain one of the best ways to reach the increasingly active and engaged population of seniors. Call Objectif Lune today to learn about how our variable data printing software can help you provide this group with business documents and promotional materials they respond best to!