Customer communication

My experience with variable data printing

Variable data printing is made easier with OL Connect solutions. Let me share my experience with you.

There are no doubt times when you’ve needed to improve the way you work, without knowing how or having a lot of time to think about it.

This was exactly what happened to me when I had to manage variable data printing in the past. I’m going to share the solution I found with you, so that this issue won’t continue to torment you!

My mission: to produce fully personalized communications

Previously, I worked for a non-governmental organization in Belgium. I was responsible for relations with partners and donors. These relations are very valuable for a charitable organization, since donors help keep it alive. In exchange for their contribution, they benefit from unique visibility. For example, the logos of major donors appear on all of the organization’s media platforms.

These donors are also customers. They like to be kept up to date on the organization’s news. I made sure to provide them with communication by regularly sending letters, brochures and invitations.

But, this also created many problems.

I wanted to simplify variable data printing

Because the company was in a trilingual country, I was faced with the major problem of partner communications in three different languages (French, Dutch and English).

This made printing quite a challenge! I made it a point to personalize correspondence by inserting the name of the recipient. This was variable data printing at its core.

To complicate things, I had to adapt the contents of the envelope to each recipient. For example, major sponsors needed to receive a brochure containing information specific to them.

I dreamt of having a single database

Another problem that arose was that the contact lists were in different files. Partners were listed in Excel files, along with their contact information and preferred language. But there wasn’t a single file, and that meant I had to check every mailout manually to make sure that everything matched. This took a lot of time and energy, and even then, I couldn’t guarantee there would be no mistakes.

I wanted control over the design

One last complication: our letterhead had the company logo on it, as well as that of some of our major donors. Every year, however, the donor list changed, and consequently, the logo on our letterhead had to be changed. I had to contact an outside consultant to modify the template, which delayed the mailouts considerably.

My dream came true: OL’s all-in-one solutions!

I now work at Objectif Lune, a company that creates software that makes the business process and customer communications easier. At OL, I discovered software that grants all my wishes.

Don’t get me wrong. In the past, I searched for reliable, easy-to-implement and inexpensive solutions. However, my main obstacle was the inability to change all our systems and replace them with a new one. That’s why OL technology is the perfect solution because it’s compatible with all pre-existing systems.

How OL Connect technology could have helped

Before printing out any mailings, I would have simply had to decide on the conditions for each envelope: variable display of the correct logo and language selection, with completely automated content personalization. Goodbye to hours of matching up correspondence with envelopes and, especially, to errors and duplication!

OL Connect technology requires a few small changes in your habits, but you can be assured of a return on your investment: savings in time, energy and paper of course translate to cost savings. Your customers will be impressed by the quality and personalization of their communications—which can only benefit you!

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