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Don’t worry about your errors in your purchase orders!

Errors in order processing can have a disastrous impact on customer satisfaction, and can even lead to losing a customer. Customers quickly tire of never receiving the right products or the quantities they requested.

Paper: the source of errors in purchase orders

Often, the problem is that you are stuck working with paper-based order forms. Handling orders manually leads to human error as it is impossible to ensure that the data is reliable. Data must be entered into a system by hand, and this action alone causes the majority of errors. It is so easy to have a moment of inattention when you have to enter line after line of numbers and data, especially for a big order!

Document loss and errors in invoicing

How about lost order forms? Handling paper often comes hand in hand with losing copies or making filing and archiving mistakes. This obviously becomes a problem when it comes to invoicing your clients if you can’t prove that the products and services delivered match what was ordered. This causes errors throughout the entire billing cycle. Clients don’t appreciate receiving invoices for merchandise that they never received. Chance are they will refuse to pay it!

Simply going digital won’t solve all of your problems

So, maybe you started scanning your documents instead of entering them by hand? If your order process isn’t digital, chances are that the purchase orders will not be standardized. You then lose time making the connection between the information written by your customers and what exactly you need to fit into your accounting system. In addition, systems based on optical character recognition are not reliable and create their own errors.

Tips for reducing errors in processing your purchase orders

Did you know that there are simple ways to greatly optimize your purchase order process at your own pace? These solutions do not require large investments, and considerably reduce errors. They will allow you to reduce the average payment time per customer and as a bonus, your customers will love the experience of ordering your products and will want to repeat it!

Here are some tips to reduce errors in processing your purchase orders:

  1. Request to receive purchase orders in PDF format. Think about it, if your customers can print their purchase orders, they can create PDF versions.
  2. Extract the purchase order data from the PDF before printing.
  3. By extracting data directly from PDFs without scanning or optical character recognition, you eliminate errors at the source.
  4. Ensure that accurate data is entered into your system by placing alerts if essential data is missing.

What about lost documents?

  1. Orders submitted in PDF format include metadata that can be automatically converted to indexing information, ensuring that you can retrieve any purchase orders you have received at any time.
  2. Automate indexing in a document management system and don’t lose any more documents!

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