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Customer-driven communication is here. What are you doing about it?

We are now well into the “age of the customer,” as Forrester calls it, a “20-year business cycle in which the most successful enterprises will reinvent themselves to systematically understand and serve increasingly powerful customers.”

Your customers now drive communication.

It’s not hard to understand the value of effectively managing your customer communications beyond just performance metrics. Imagine the damage that can be done by sending a marketing message to a frustrated key customer currently having an unresolved support issue on the same subject. Imagine also the discomfort of a customer receiving her invoice by email, when she has expressed a preference for mail or the other way around. Or imagine sending a promotion without providing an easy way to respond or interact. And finally, think what a wasted an opportunity it would be to have your customer’s attention, and instead of engaging them with a specially targeted message, you just send generic content.

All the pitfalls above are not caused by lack of information. Your organization has the information. But can it make use of it? Not being able to make your customer data work for you equals lost time, increased costs, effort, frustration, and ultimately non optimal business outcomes. Making your data work, though, requires your systems to communicate with each other effectively and quickly.

It’s not only enterprise systems that need rewiring for better customer communications and experiences. It’s the entire organizational mindset. Organizations have traditionally focused mostly on acquiring new customers, which is the first part of the customer journey. However it’s important to see the benefits of a more holistic approach to the entire customer journey, which goes above and beyond the costly pursuit of new customers.

According to Aberdeen, successful organizations will be those that adapt and follow the global strategies outlined below:

  • Establish a formal Customer Experience Management (CEM) program within the business plan.
  • Invest in CEM-technology tools and solutions, such as CCM technology. Organizations utilizing CCM technology enjoy multiple benefits
  • Create a unified view of customer data across the organization.
  • Personalize product and service offerings based on customer data.

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