“Creativity is making mistakes, Art is knowing which ones to keep”

Today was not my day…

I engaged in a battle of biblical proportions with the office printer (it of course won) and had a majorly explosive setback with my latest video shoot (no, seriously though, a light exploded).

All to say that at the end of the day today my outlook on the days productivity was pretty grim. And on top of that with all the excitement going on, I had made a mistake. I filmed a scene on the wrong background, and with my fill light out of commission until I could replace the bulb, there was no way I could fix it until tomorrow. Deciding that I should load up the footage regardless, just to see what it looked liked, I did, and was pleasantly surprised by the results. So much so in fact, that I started experimenting with it, and showing it to my colleges. All of whom where much more impressed by my mistake then with my original concept. It turns out my mistake was a better fit with what the rest of my team was working on, then my original idea.

It’s really is funny how sometimes things just work out.

If only all of my mistakes were as successful.

And while I still feel the need to carefully plan out my revenge against the office printer, I’m glad that today reminded me about the positive experience, making mistakes can be. Sometimes, mistakes, accidents and set backs, can really fuel creativity. They can take your project to the next level, or even in a direction that you didn’t expect. And it’s not just for those of us in the creative fields, happy accidents are everywhere (hello champagne!), and its up to us all to see them and take advantage of them. And if nothing else, to at least learn from them.



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