Compose your customer communications more easily

According to the Institute of Financial Operations, over 70% of businesses send between 1,000 and 10,000 invoices per month! Fifty-three percent of transactional communications are still sent by mail. Mailing processes are crucial for a company’s good financial health, because sending invoices is the first step in getting paid; the invoice must go out on time, be delivered to the right person, and not be mixed up with another invoice. Above all, it must be processed efficiently.

In addition to having to pay attention to all these mailing constraints, printing shop and mailroom managers must increasingly meet the requirements of other departments to generate more flexible, more interactive and more personalized customer communications.

Twenty percent* of these managers told AIIM that the greatest benefit of an outbound mail management system is being able to manage the template design. For example, 42%* of them need to manage multiple legal obligations concerning mail layout and multiple branding visuals. Another 23%* of the respondents must work with several languages and personalize their communications according to the recipient’s origin.

But communications often come from archaic systems that make it difficult to optimize documents. Consequently, changes and mailings are frequently managed manually, with all the risks of errors and non-conformance imaginable.

Adapt the composition of your documents more easily before mailing them

Did you know there are simpler ways to overhaul your printing and mailing processes at your own pace? These solutions don’t require a major investment, but ultimately allow for the optimization of printing and mailing.

Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons explained to us how adapting the design of their customer documents has become a much more pleasant task:

It’s easy to change corporate brands, add personalized messages, amend the terms and make any other changes. We can take care of the design and layout of documents without having to deal with the programming of a system or application. Now that we have more flexibility in changing documents, it’s simple to add more promotional messages in the materials we send to customers.

Would you also like to compose your communications more easily?

Here are some examples of fast gains for your business:

  1. Install a middleware system that will intercept the data of your existing system and make the changes to the documents without intrusion.
  2. Play with the layout of the documents.
  3. Delete irrelevant items from the invoices.
  4. Reduce the number of pages, when possible.
  5. Add variable bar codes for the inserter based on each mailing.

Do you want to be able to do this and even more? Contact us to see how you can improve your mailing and printing processes in a few quick and easy steps.