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Why colleges are turning to custom mailers

Universities around the U.S. are learning a lesson that many other organizations have already internalized: attractive, personalized documents have a much better chance of engaging and converting targets than bland, dime-a-dozen efforts. In the arena of higher education, this lesson is perhaps even more important than it is in most industries. Convincing a student to attend a university is a decision that holds hundreds of thousands of dollars in the balance, and using creative and well-made documents to influence this decision has the potential to significantly affect a university’s bottom line.

College marketing 101
As such, many colleges – from state-run public institutions to top-tier private ones – have started taking a closer look at their promotional materials in an effort to woo fence-sitting high schoolers. According to The Record, this has led to a growing number of institutions sending personalized mailers and highly targeted materials to prospective students.

“We dig down into [students’] areas of interest – are they interested in a particular sport or music?” Pegi Anton, senior director at Noel-Levitz, a higher-education consulting firm, told the source. “We do that before we send a solicitation to see if they are a good match.”

This targeted approach helps colleges leverage personal data so that they can send high-impact documents that have the best chance of persuading students to attend their schools. When high school seniors decide which school to attend, they often pick the college that seems to best fit their personality and interests. Knowing this, forward-thinking universities are using tailored admissions documents to form early connections with students.

In this way, colleges are increasingly imbuing traditional informational documents with an increased emphasis on marketing – and the results have already been impressive.

Nancy Spartaro, director of admissions at York College of Pennsylvania, recently spearheaded a campaign to send more than 200,000 targeted mailers to students throughout the Midwest.

“We have been pretty successful with our approach,” she told the source, adding that the initiative has helped the school reduce its reliance on traditional marketing. “We don’t do a lot of advertising in newspapers or magazines.”

Not purely academic
Although universities are currently hitting this customized mailer approach fairly hard, they are from the only organizations that are seeing its benefits. Businesses of all sizes and in all industries have found that producing documents that appeal to specific consumers are much more successful at eliciting positive responses.

Using variable data printing software, these firms can create unique, individualized and attractive documents that are perfect for generating responses and leading to conversions.

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