4 ways to optimize your employees’ work

1 / 12 / 2016 BY

Did you know that 85% of employees think they could be more efficient at work? These employees feel that they’re not living up to their potential because their skills are not being properly used. Unhappy employees are not anxious to go back to work and may end up quitting if they see their tasks as too time-consuming. It's actually not that complicated to re-motivate your employees. Here are four ways to optimize their work.> Read More

Four reasons to go with digital delivery notes

18 / 8 / 2016 BY

Your customers expect a certain amount of digital interactivity when they do business with your company, including during delivery. Yet that's far from the only reason to invest in a solution that will enhance communications with your customers during the delivery process. Here are four reasons to eliminate paper and switch to digital delivery notes.> Read More

Augmenter l’efficacité de votre processus de bons de livraison

11 / 8 / 2016 BY

Saviez-vous que 80% des impressions dans une entreprise sont reliées à des transactions? On parle ici de factures, bons de commande, bons de livraison ou encore de confirmation de paiement. Et pourtant, la majorité de ces documents ont été originalement créés électroniquement. Quelle perte de temps et d’argent pour l’entreprise, de finir par les imprimer!> Read More