Giveaway: Objectif Lune wallpaper

24 / 3 / 2015 BY

It’s been a while since we’ve made wallpapers for the giving. And what better time than the year we turn 20! We used this pattern for our celebrations this month in Montreal and loved it so much that we want to share the prettiness.…> Read More

PlanetPress Connect: Designer

2 / 2 / 2015 BY

Erik van Heuvel is the mastermind behind Objectif Lune’s newest designer. Many people who have used both PrintShop Mail, PlanetPress, and maybe dabbled in PrintSoft knows that for each software, you would need to know a different designer. Albeit, each tool was intended for…> Read More

A solution for HTML is here at Objectif Lune

20 / 1 / 2015 BY

Uh-oh.  Here it comes.  I knew it was coming.  This lumbering monster.  It arrives through the door quietly but by golly is it in the room now, snarling, bristling fur and staring straight at me.  Normally I am fully armed with my PlanetPress armoury,…> Read More

It’s A (New) Kind Of Magic

15 / 1 / 2015 BY

Fifteen years ago, my eyesight was better, I had more energy and my desire to do miraculous things was at its peak. My early applications were definitely printer centric. That is to say, it was all about making printers do things that even the…> Read More

New OL YouTube pages

31 / 7 / 2014 BY

I’m sure you’ve noticed recently how beautiful our websites are looking recently. The team has been hard at work behind these scenes making everything shiny and new and as user friendly as possible. Along with all the new changes coming to the OL product…> Read More

What do you sell?

3 / 7 / 2014 BY

Si vous êtes du cru des années 70/80, vous connaissez forcément 9 semaines ½ (Nine ½ Weeks)… Avec la belle Elizabeth McGraw (Kim Basinger) divorcée, qui travaille à la Spring Street Gallery, une galerie d’art de New York, jusqu’au moment du ‘‘You Can Leave…> Read More

Building relationships – Human & Data

29 / 4 / 2014 BY

When I started at Objectif Lune 2 years ago (wow, that was fast), I quickly learned that Objectif Lune was a different breed of software company. Mostly working with partners to sell our software, relationships were very important. And the difference between Objectif Lune…> Read More