Capture for Work: Archiving patient files

24 / 7 / 2014 BY

This morning as I sat in the metro, I took out my journal and started writing. It got me thinking, I love the feel of pen on paper and I am sure others do too. And some people don’t want to give that up.…> Read More

How to maintain document compliance

26 / 7 / 2013 BY

Compliance is a multifaceted topic, one that in its various forms is of massive importance to all businesses in all industries. Companies undertake efforts on a massive scale to remain in proper adherence to compliance laws – particularly those involving taxation and financial propriety.…> Read More

How financial companies can avoid human error

9 / 7 / 2013 BY

Many industries are dependent on strong document management practices, but few rely more heavily on them than the financial sector. Seemingly small mistakes on financial documents can quickly lead to massive losses. In fact, Financial Times recently reported that financial giant JPMorgan suffered billions…> Read More