Communicate with your employees as if they were your customers

30 / 11 / 2017 BY

Interview with Isabelle Descarries, Vice-President of Human Resources, and Philippe Fontan, Technical Product Manager at Objectif Lune. Isabelle and Philippe explain how they use OL Connect to safely and securely automate sensitive communications for employees. Outcome: Significant time savings and guaranteed personalization. > Read More

Communiquez avec vos employés comme s’ils étaient vos clients

30 / 11 / 2017 BY

Rencontre avec Isabelle Descarries, Vice-Présidente Ressources Humaines et Philippe Fontan, Directeur technique de produit chez Objectif Lune. Ils nous expliquent comment ils ont utilisé OL Connect pour automatiser des communications sensibles pour les employés, en toute sécurité. Résultat : un gain de temps considérable et une personnalisation assurée. > Read More

Digitalize your accounts receivable: a must for 2018

9 / 11 / 2017 BY

Electronic billing is now part of everyday business. It is one of the steps in the digital transformation process. Even so, did you know that 90% of invoices around the world are still handled manually? Yet this figure is changing. Discover are all good reasons to seize the opportunity to digitalize your accounts receivable!> Read More

Nos recommandations pour digitaliser votre entreprise

5 / 10 / 2017 BY

Benoît Potvin travaille depuis 10 ans dans le domaine du logiciel informatique. Il est tous les jours confronté à des entreprises qui se lancent dans la transformation numérique, que ce soit pour automatiser des procédures ou digitaliser leurs documents. Par le passé, il était également formateur, il est donc bien placé pour parler des défis auxquels les entreprises font face lorsqu’elles entament un changement vers des processus digitaux.> Read More

Our recommendations for making your company digital

5 / 10 / 2017 BY

Benoît Potvin has worked in the computer software field for 10 years. Every day he is faced with companies that make the leap into digital transformation, whether to automate procedures or scan their documents. Also a software trainer in the past, he is therefore in a good position to talk about the challenges companies face when they initiate a change to digital processes.> Read More

Role of printing service providers in transition

28 / 9 / 2017 BY

The business of printing service provider is evolving rapidly. Customers’ needs are changing and digitizing, and printing service providers must adapt. Their customers are calling for more multichannel communications within a fairly short deadline. If deadlines tighten, there is no question that quality will be sacrificed.> Read More