Customer experience fit for a king

14 / 10 / 2015 BY

Information systems perform various functions for organizations; functions like accounting, finance, purchasing, human resources and sales. Larger organizations sometimes opt for integrated systems that can handle all of these functions. In other words, their reaction is well established: address problems with systems, expensive systems.> Read More

L’expérience client et la monarchie

14 / 10 / 2015 BY

Les systèmes d’information mis en place au sein d’organisations répondent à diverses fonctions : la comptabilité, les finances, l’approvisionnement, les ressources humaines, les ventes, etc. Les organisations avec plus de moyens, optent parfois pour des systèmes intégrés capables de gérer l’ensemble de ces fonctions. En bref, le réflexe est bien établi : on règle des problèmes avec des systèmes.> Read More

Study: Customer service bests low prices

4 / 7 / 2013 BY

Many companies believe that when it comes down to it, price is the be-all end-all of commerce. In this sense, giving customers the best deals can become the single-minded quest of a business, sometimes at the expense of other – often equally important –…> Read More