Four reasons to go with digital delivery notes

18 / 8 / 2016 BY

Your customers expect a certain amount of digital interactivity when they do business with your company, including during delivery. Yet that's far from the only reason to invest in a solution that will enhance communications with your customers during the delivery process. Here are four reasons to eliminate paper and switch to digital delivery notes.> Read More

Feeling trapped by your rigid systems?

4 / 8 / 2016 BY

You probably use several outdated systems from different eras to meet the business needs of your company's various departments. You certainly wish they could speak together a little more. Good news, there are ways to get flexibility from your rigid systems and have them working together.> Read More

Take the opportunity to connect with your customers!

28 / 6 / 2016 BY

Are you dreaming of establishing a unique relationship with your customers? Based on the 2015 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study by Silverpop, transactional messages are eight times more likely to be opened than other types of communication. So don't miss this very special occasion to communicate with them. Here are 5 ways of better connecting with your customers thanks to transactional communications. > Read More

Sautez sur l’occasion de connecter avec vos clients!

28 / 6 / 2016 BY

Rêvez-vous de développer une relation privilégiée avec vos clients? Selon l’étude de Silverpop “2015 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study”, les messages transactionnels ont 8 fois plus de chance d’être ouverts que les autres types de communication. Vous avez donc une occasion en or pour communiquer avec vos clients. Voici 5 façons de mieux connecter avec vos clients grâce aux communications transactionnelles. > Read More

S’adapter au besoin d’interactivité de ses clients

21 / 6 / 2016 BY

L’explosion du numérique a donné naissance à un nouveau besoin chez les consommateurs : le besoin en interactivité. Les entreprises doivent faire preuve d'adaptation face à cette nouvelle tendance afin de répondre aux exigences de leurs clients. Apprenez-en davantage dans cet article de blog.> Read More