Building relationships – Human & Data

When I started at Objectif Lune 2 years ago (wow, that was fast), I quickly learned that Objectif Lune was a different breed of software company. Mostly working with partners to sell our software, relationships were very important. And the difference between Objectif Lune and others is that we really do care about our relationships, so much that we change how we work depending on our partner’s needs.

Which is one great thing about our relationships. There is no standard, cookie cutter way.

[header_line]Partnerships that makes sense [/header_line]
Needless to say, we work hard to build good relationships. And we commend others who do. So when TIE Kinetix wanted to enhance their existing solution, we saw that a high-five was in order.

Tie Kinetix is a Total Integrated E-Commerce solution. Started in the Netherlands. With 8 offices worldwide, TIE Kinetix aims to transforms the digital supply chain by making it easier for businesses. They promise ‘maximized revenue opportunities by minimizing the energy needed to market, sell and deliver online‘. And because one big aspect of business is about relationships, TIE’s partnership with Objectif Lune helps fulfill that promise by building easier relationships.

That’s why we understood TIE Kinetix want for creating easier transfer of data from one end to another. TIE Kinetix didn’t want to force the little guys to find a solution and also wanted the big guys to be more efficient. That’s what I call a win-win.

[header_line]Easy data exchange is a big deal[/header_line]
This is what our CEO, Didier Gombert had to say about the solution:
“Our combined technology fully automates integration processes based on PDF documents or legacy print streams. Customers can integrate any kind of business document with their smaller trading partners who can’t exchange information electronically directly from their business system.”

If you want to find out more about the TIE Kinetix solution with Objectif Lune technologies, check out our press release.