Automating the steps in a standard purchasing process to improve customer experience

Purchasing one of your products or services is only one of the steps in a more complex customer journey. By the time your customers get to the payment stage, they will have gone through many other crucial stages during which they also interacted with your company. Furthermore, following a purchase, the journey continues because if you want to build customer loyalty or have customers make another purchase, you have to keep in touch with them.  So the journey begins with the discovery of your brand and continues with the order, payment and delivery, not to mention the after-sales service, if required.  All of these steps are just as important in order to build customer loyalty and turn your customers into ambassadors of your products and services.

Managing them, however, can be complex and often involve many small and tedious manual tasks.

By automating the most essential processes, you could save a lot of time and gain your customers’ trust by offering them a better experience when dealing with your company. Automation enables you to offer better-quality services because it gives you more time and makes it easier to customize each step and show your customers the added value in what you are offering them.

Here are a few steps in a standard customer journey which you can easily automate.

  1. Automate communications with potential customers to convince them more quickly

Sales cycles are often long. Prospecting is a complex task. It takes months to strengthen ties with your network and in order to do so, you need to provide high-quality content to potential customers.  By automating the creation of marketing content and your communications with potential customers, you save a great deal of time and can focus on better customizing what you have to offer.

  1. Automate the opening of accounts to prevent customer frustration

The creation of new accounts is a defining moment in the customer-company relationship. But if this step is made even more complex by the excessive use of paper or tedious manual data entry by your employees, it can be frustrating for potential customers. It can take several hours to several days to open certain types of accounts!! This reflects poorly on your company right from the start. Why not have the digital forms already filled in with the information entered at the beginning of the sales cycle?

  1. Automate order-taking to show that customer satisfaction is a priority

Managing purchase orders often requires scanning piles upon piles of documents every day. Employees have to manually enter numerous data to launch the subsequent phases of the process. This causes many delays and orders can sometimes take several days before being confirmed! By simply automating the confirmation of receipt of an order and the communications sent during the order processing phase, you stay one step ahead and customers will be pleased that you kept them informed.

  1. Automate the receipt of deliveries to offer outstanding service

When delivering the products to your customers, you have a golden opportunity to interact with them and ensure that their experience is a good one. You could make a good impression by getting rid of paper forms, digitizing delivery slips and letting your customers take advantage of all the interactive benefits that digital has to offer. You could, for example, let customers annotate the delivery slip right on a tablet (missing or damaged parcel, delivery delay, etc.) before signing it, and your files would automatically be updated when the delivery person connects to the wireless network.  There is less potential for error during the subsequent phases of the process (invoicing) and greater customer satisfaction.

  1. Automate invoicing based on the method selected by your customers

Did you know that transactional messages are 8 times more likely to be opened than other types of communications? This is therefore a great opportunity for you to communicate with your customers. There are many automation possibilities at the invoicing stage. For example, you could automate the sending of PDF invoice copies to all of your customers. Or you could automate the payment reminders. There are simple solutions that allow you to automatically send your customers a reminder through different communication channels (email, mail, SMS, etc.), and customers will be pleased to receive this type of customized communication.

  1. Automate document management for better customer service

According to the Institute of Financial Operations, 43% of organizations say that being unable to find the right data in their different customer files remains their greatest issue where after-sales services are concerned. When Customer Service wants to respond to a request, it often wastes valuable time trying to put the information together, or simply even finding the information! Customers get tired of waiting for a response. By automating the saving of customer-related documents in an electronic document management system, your employees can respond more quickly and build customer loyalty with your existing clients.

Ready to give it a go but not sure where to start? Objectif Lune can help you achieve significant gains by transforming your processes at your own pace.  Get closer to reaching your productivity, operational efficiency and customer experience objectives one step at a time.