The answer to handling your company’s growth

For most companies, explosive growth is a dream. What company wouldn’t want to see its customer base and market expand quickly? The reason that rapid growth can cause problems is that it often results in disruptive growing pains that can have a negative effect on a company’s ability to perform its mission, handle operations and satisfy customers.

More to go around

One particularly difficult obstacle is paperwork. More customers and more sales means more documents, more invoices and more complicated business operations. When growth occurs too quickly, these difficulties can be incredibly damaging to a company’s reputation.

This is exactly what happened to Box Home Loans, a lender that experienced fast and eventually untenable growth a few years ago. According to Forbes, this expansion had negative effects on the company’s ability to keep its customers happy and maintain its desired level of performance.

“Too much growth – too much money – coming at us too fast is not a blessing,” Aaron Brown, one of the company’s founders, told the source.

The best of both worlds

The difficulties brought about by rapid expansion raise a complicated question: How should companies handle their expansion to eliminate growing pains and remain successful? Clearly, there is no simple answer, but many experts suggest finding ways to make your company as scalable and flexible as possible.

To this end, many businesses adopt workflow automation software to help them grow without negating their company’s strengths. These easy-to-use and incredibly versatile tools make it easy to handle a rapid influx of bills, invoices and other documents, even if you’re not accustomed to such high volumes.

For example, if your company suddenly started receiving twice or even three times the amount of product orders it was used to (and we should all be so lucky), document workflow automation software could help you process, track and fulfill these orders without having to worry about errors caused by the increased workload or failing to meet customer expectations about receiving orders on time.

What efficiency means today

As your company expands, it is crucial to find solutions that help you make your operations more efficient and modern without losing touch with your customers. Box Home Loans was able to do that by using technology to help it provide its services on a larger scale.

“We’re combining the best of high tech and ‘high touch’ to make our agents more efficient, while giving our customers exactly what they need at the precise time they need it,” Brown told Forbes.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, call Objectif Lune to learn about how we can help you handle the complexities of running a growing business!