A simple way to boost customer loyalty

Customers are the bread and butter for most companies, so it’s no surprise that businesses are always looking for ways to reach them more effectively. In the age of online marketing, this typically involves a single word: more. More blogs, more social media posts, more email newsletters, more paid ads. This bigger-is-better approach has its merits, but most recent research suggests that a targeted and more thoughtful approach may be even more fruitful.

Boiled down, this means direct marketing. Consumers have become accustomed to customized communication, and promotional material is not exempt. According to a recent survey from Citipeak Promotions, 70 percent of consumers felt more loyalty toward brands that engaged them with direct marketing. Whether this direct promotion happens on the web or through direct-mail campaigns using direct marketing, it’s clear that engaging customers on an individual basis is better than blanketing them with scattershot marketing efforts.

“To build brand loyalty, you need to build relationships with your customers,” Nick Johnson, Citipeak’s managing director, told SiliconIndia. “This relationship is built through face to face sales because it is much more personal than other forms of marketing and selling.”

This advice is fairly straightforward (and just makes sense), but many business owners struggle with personalizing their promotional efforts simply because they don’t have the time or means to connect with individual customers. Thankfully, improving technology and intuitive software have made it easier than ever for businesses – regardless of their size – to send promotional materials to specific consumers and demographics.

Variable data printing software allows brands to send customized materials to a long list of recipients without slowing down the printing process or forcing employees to manually enter data. These tools make it easy to cast aside simple “blanket marketing” and replace it with a more customized, sophisticated approach.