ad hoc mail consolidation

5 ways to convince your customers to outsource their ad hoc print jobs

Have you ever thought of expanding your production by offering to manage your existing customers’ ad hoc print jobs? While fewer and fewer big companies outsource a large volume of printing, you must believe that looking for new customers is the simple way to get around this problem. But having to constantly acquire new customers is difficult and exhausting. It is smarter to try to sell more to an existing customer.

A large potential market exists for management of ad hoc printing, and most companies are not even aware they can outsource this type of printing.


But how can you convince these customers that it would be profitable for them to outsource their ad hoc print jobs?

Here are 5 arguments to support your sales pitch.

By outsourcing their ad hoc print jobs, your customers will save money

Management of ad hoc mailings generates costs that often go undetected. Paper, envelopes and ink, not to mention postage, add up in each department, and the total could surprise you. Your customer must also anticipate the costs related to equipment management (dedicated space, electricity, maintenance, training) and inventory, the cost of labour devoted to printing and mailing, and let’s not forget waste and unexpected situations.

They will also improve their employees’ productivity

Management and processing of outbound mail are time-consuming activities that take your employees away from activities more directly related to their specific jobs. By outsourcing these repetitive manual activities, which do not concern the core of their business, your customer will be able to assign these employees to activities related to growing their business.

Above all, they will be able to sleep more peacefully

Imagine. The customer’s printer stops working in the middle of a payment reminder print job. He waits for technical support all afternoon and wastes his evening starting all over again because the reminders must absolutely go out the next day. As a printing service provider, you take care of everything. Your facilities can deal with breakdowns and unexpected situations. Does your customer have an unscheduled mailing to send out in a hurry? You also quickly take charge of routine activities.

They will also more easily comply with legal requirements

Transactional mailings are subject to several legal requirements. Your customers must ensure that they protect their own customers’ personal information while ensuring the mail’s integrity. Because they cannot afford specialized equipment, they probably rely on manual means of quality control, which can result in human errors. But as a printing service provider, you have access to equipment that allows you to efficiently and safely ensure the integrity of the mail. You can guarantee your customers that their mailings are in good hands and provide them with peace of mind.

You can offer your customers better tracking of their operations

Your customers often have trouble knowing exactly how much their printing costs and whether their outbound mail management is profitable. An in-depth audit is required to understand the actual cost of these operations, because the cost of small ad hoc print jobs for mailings is spread over the entire organization and is thus hard to measure. But by calling on you, they can better control their activities, because they are centralized. Finally, their costs will be more fixed.

Do you wonder how you can easily offer your customers all these advantages? Visit us to learn more about our print job and email consolidation solution.