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Managing accounts receivable is one of the daily tasks involved in running a business or organization. No matter how large the organization, if it wants to make sales, invoices must be sent to customers. But things are not always that simple in the realm of accounts receivable… They sometimes make life difficult, and you may need plenty of patience. But luckily, there are tricks to simplify your life, and more importantly, to help you become more efficient.

Here are the 5 articles that our readers liked best:

  • Enhance your customer experience invoicing: The accounts receivable process at the time of invoicing is often overlooked. Yet the impact your accounts receivable department has on your business is undeniable. Not only is it the department that allows you to get paid and therefore to make money, but it also deals directly with what is most valuable to your business: your customers. Discover 4 ways to improve the customer experience when your customers pay their invoices.
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  • The 5 Accounts Receivable Nightmares: Managing customer invoices is not always easy. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. Considering that 70% of businesses send between 1,000 and 10,000 invoices per month, it’s easy to understand that this can quickly become a real headache for most organizations.
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  • Make your payment information more reliable: Accounts receivable departments often spend more time correcting errors on invoices than providing quality customer service that could grow the business. Here are some ways your company can get quick results:
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  • Reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO): According to Aberdeen, 59% of organizations are under significant pressure to reduce the average time it takes their customers to pay. Understandably, many businesses lose time and money going after their customers to pay their invoices on time.
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  • 5 obstacles to optimizing your accounts receivable processes: Despite the automation and digitization of processes, why are accounts receivable still so complicated to manage? Your company is not the only one having serious problems with its accounts receivable. Here are five obstacles that are most likely preventing you from meeting your goals in terms of productivity, business efficiency and customer experience.
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